Children's book author Kathy Kral writes about doing everyday things, which may not seem very exciting, 
but they turn into something special when we do them with the people we love. Things I Do With You is a new series of children’s books about turning those everyday activities into special events.



Author Kathy Kral

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The first book is about
fishing with Dad and
enjoying the outdoors

The second book is about starting school and
making new friends

CUZ I Do It with My Dad

“The book was a beautifully written, touching story that inspired fascinating conversation from children recalling their own experiences.”

Claudia Conway, Pre-K Teacher


CUZ I Do It with My Friends

“A fantastic, reassuring read sure to help students welcome in a new school year.  A beautifully illustrated book with cheerful scenes of daily school life. This book would make a wonderful addition to any teacher’s or family’s back to school collection, and will certainly help children feel eager about starting a new school year.”

Kelly Shaw, Kindergarten Teacher

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